Spyware & Virus Removal Is your computer behaving erratically? are you are seeing annoying pop-ups? being asked to download software? is your computer running slowly? Is your browser being redirected? If so then your computer could be infected with spyware or viruses. Spyware is increasingly at an alarming rate. For instance, Trojans capable of relaying information to other computers are frequently delivered via Spyware. Other threats is the capture of user passwords, login details, Credit card numbers and other sensitive information. Most of today’s more common rogue infection’s i.e. Transponder, Coolwebsearch, Bzub, Zlob, Matcash have to be manually removed off an infected computer. Your first port of call is to speak to us. We can determine whether you are under threat, and if necessary offer you a quick and effective virus, spyware and malware cleaning service! We can also give you advice on the most current antivirus and antispyware protection tools particular to your requirements.
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