Laptop / PC Upgrades We can offer you the customer various upgrade options to your existing computer. There are many upgrade options available, be it speed increases, functionality, storage or computer styling. Whatever your needs, we can supply to your specification. SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER - MEMORY Increasing your computer memory is a simple process. A small computer chip is installed into your Laptop / PC improving overall performance. The ability to run more than one program at once with faster and increased response times is achieved. By far the most cost effective way to bring life back into your computer system. SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER -PROCESSING POWER You may also be in the market for a new processor, the core of your computer, the brain power! The faster the processor, the faster tasks are performed, the faster your computer starts, the more responsive it will become. We supply and fit AMD and INTEL processors. SOLID STATE HARD DRIVE - PERFORMANCE UPGRADE An SSD has access speeds of 35 to 100 micro-seconds, which is nearly 100 times faster than a conventional mechanical hard drive This faster access speed means programs can run more quickly, which is very significant, especially for programs that access large amounts of data often like your operating system. A SSD drive has no moving parts. It uses flash memory to store data, which provides better performance and reliability over an HDD. A SSD uses less power than a standard HDD, which means a lower energy bill over time and for laptops an increase of battery life. Simply use the on-line contact form and state your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist.
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